Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thanks for the mention. I'm being useless sitting up in bed so might as well extend that to dedicating a useless blog to you... Ha. What's the motivation with the house you fancy? Want yours to look like that?? Guess it makes sense if your wanting to live in London tho. Won't get much more than a brick block ofa house there. You like brick houses? Or just brick walls? Haha playing. It looks like an old persons house, But I can see how people could think it was old, trendy, n possibly historic even. We stayed in this MASSIVE house/villa/mansion (i dunno what the cut off size for a mansion is) that some family friends hooked us up with. It was the guys Dad's house, the dad had recently died so no one was using the house. Was the most amazing looking thing. Something like 200 years old, had such character to it. Compared to NZ houses that don't show much. If I were to pick a house i'd be keen to live in atm i'm sure i'd play it safe with a nice villa. N Yeah, busy as, busier than London's traffic in fact. That's pretty hectic. Na got my head screwed in, he ain't going anywhere anytime soon i'm hoping. Yeah Politics has been on hold for a long time I know n i apologize for that. N I know we'll still be cleaning the set religeously till we shoot off regardless of whether AJ's here or not, kinda have to if we traveling 12,000 odd kms for the sake of 2 minutes on stage. N i'm not doing that gig in Tauranga on the 7th cos we arn't back until the 8th... Buma. Can't wait till then though, have everything off my shoulders n can relax! What you mean I'm pretty tops? At what? Thanks I guess ha. Your pretty top brick yourslef - that sounds so english. :)
You still coming to Auckland this week? Or next week was it? What's your agenda? N where's these comps you were talking about? ... Yes, I know, in Auckland.... Where abouts? ha. You couldn't tell streets apart, how do I expect you to tell suburbs apart!? :-P

Always wondered..? Where'd you come up with 'Because I Do'?

"Thanks alot Bay of Pleanty times. got a text saying i was in the paper. yeah, cool. went to get a paper. after scrambling through pages i found it. and honlestly nearly cried. i'm pulling some disgusting face and myhair is nuts. quite seriously the worst photo i have EVER laid eyes upon. no lie. i intend on complaining. stuipd bloody news paper." - What were you in the paper for?? We were in the central leader last week, my shoes right up by the lense, should see how massive my feet look hahaha.

I better try drift again, 4:38, body must be ready to knock off by now!

Hoping your fast asleep x