Monday, September 14, 2009

Been ina pretty shit mood today tbh. Thought i'd visit 'blogger' n see how religeously a certain someone updates it. Was appalled to see. But definitly some things made me smile/chuckle ina funny kinda way.Cheers me up


"There's one in all of us?"

Looks like thts a happening thing then?

Asking the doc whats wrong? What am I gonna do with ya. Always crook with more than just your health! Sore tongues, Tiredness, Sore Feet. Needa get better... Not aloud to see each other sick anymore iv decided. Vicious circle between colds. dunno wat it is about our combination.

"sat in the spa, by myself. looking up at the somewhat clear sky. and realised, i have nothing to complain about."
Thought this one backfired a tad, Why would u complain if u got a spa?!

Its getting late, the eggs crashed. Needa holiday, fiji. or atleast a beach! for now ill just keep plodding along n hope for some more time to chill the fak out!

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  1. YOU BLOGGED. oh baby, i'm sooooo proud of you. haha. we have this amazing Knack of making eachother sick a? happens to much. but nah, i'm alive. back is giving me hell. but wait, why are you worried about me?! you're the one with the possible brian tumour for fucksakes! haha. just drink away the pain. allllgoood. fiji, i could do with fiji. yes please. but that sounds a little far fetched? pherhaps a beach. thats probable, in fact i can reccomend one. about two hours from where you are now? heard there's some people there that reeeeealy wana see you to. oh and a new bed! :) x