Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Bible

Fairly big book... Some does sound a bit far fetched but it is all true.

Chapter one:

"In the beginning, god created the heaven and the earth." 

Doesn't go into detail. He doesn't need to explain it to you. Easy. keeps his cards very close to his chest god. He can do anything.

"Darkness was on the face of the deep", bit dark he sort that out

"God says, 'let their be light'", and there was light.

HAA inthat brillient. Come on that's amazin! He made light up! It's not like he saw some one holiday then said ahhh that'd be good on earth. N at the speed of light!

So he invented the light... Which means.... he created the heaven and the earth, in the dark!
He went, "good, that's everything where's the lights? Brilliant."


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