Friday, June 26, 2009

Miss Andrew

Ha every one is about u on mine! Haha I shoulda, prob woulda but credit was an issue after 12. Got a bit too trigger happy with a mates camera last night, shes been tagging people in pics all day cos i wouldnt give it back haha. Sundays good, should be. Nothing till later on im pretty sure anyway. Ye im keen as to see it!! Wear it.. Yep he's looking n feeling better than ever, still needs that clean tho. Should prob get onto that. Or you could? :P N ye sooner or later. Just weekends r gonna be packed as with rehearsals :( I'm flippin tired mayn! Happy I didn't go out.

I'm still buzzin out to MJ disappearing. Poor fula was so ledgend. How many times has he been talked about in our conversations...?? Must've had a pretty sweet impact to be so relevant in our convos, although we do cover some pretty random topics at times.. Check out this pic my mate ben (from TMC) drew it, mean a


So happy with contemp but not Jazz? What happened in jazz? When you got time fill me in on this cutting up your leg story...? Would be a big blog by the sounds, or gimme a call before you crash even, if its tht much explaining. Least you made it home in mostly one piece.

You'll sleep well tonight. 


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