Saturday, June 20, 2009

Humpty's second quiz

1. What's your name? Simon Caughey Watts
2. If you could date a cartoon who would it be? Olive. Popeye would be outta there.


I couldnt sus editing the picture to replace his head with mine rats haha. and reason.... look at her!

3. Do you like mornings? Love them, one of the nicest parts of the day, but I don't see it often n I don't function as well in the morning so from that perspective no.

4. Do you have a morning routine? 6 am jog around cornwall park followed by 50 laps of the pool. yea.... dry. If it can count that my morning starts at 12:30 then yeah I guess so. Roll out of bed, shower, eat, school.

5. How's your ex? Ask her yourself. Neh I ain't cold, she's well.

6. What's your bad sleeping habit? I've been known to sleep talk some interesting jiberish or jump up n be fully alert then half wake up n think what the fak am i doing then crash out again with an awkward dazed feeling.

7. Summer or winter? Summer

8. City or country? Why? City, country is too isolated, not as much going on, only work you'l find in the country is milking cows or working at the 'country kitchen' or something. N you have to drive twice as far to get anywhere cos it's all so spread out.

9. Was your last kiss a mistake? Would probably be seen as a slight mistake by most people but no I have no feelings of regret.

10. Do you think smoking is unattractive? It doesn't bother me. Girls smoking ain't the most attractive thing.

11. What's your bed time? Once i've finished reading 'where the wild things are'. hmmm..

12. Do you listen in school? ummm, yer. Ain't gonna spend the money to fail.

13. Favorite movie? Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

14. Last three things you bought? Home brand orange favored soft drink, salt and vinegar chips and ready salted chips (all an alternative to Mc ds).

15. Last three places you have been? Out of the house; Auckland Boys Grammar School, Some big warehouse in Takinini and Seaview Road

16. Do you have a favorite place? Tauranga... No, I spend a fair amount of time in my room tho.

17. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Appearance. But I don't exactly say turn around so I can see you back.. :-P

18. Do you have a big secret? Ummmm... depends what big is. I guess everyone has secrets. None come to mind so obviously nothing huge

19. Are you happy? Yes I think i'm lucky with what I got n don't feel iv been ripped off in life by missing out on anything hugely necessary.

20. There is no question 20? They didn't even round it off. no good


  1. i sat here and read the entire thing. you are quite promisingly nuts Mr Watts.

  2. y am i nuts? comin from u, skallywag needs a slap. hope the drive aint killing u too much