Wednesday, June 24, 2009

start with n insult...?? Nice Bitch ass :-P Desperate...?? You haven't arranged much! Plus I can't exactly gate crash your house every weekend. Tracey would complain! Your wanting a lack of sleep...?? With the state of your health over the last month? You well yet..? Or just keeping people worried for fun? The cups... we forgot, still calling... Don't give that stacking set back yet. N Wally may be keen. But he won't travel the distance for a good time if he's unwell! Poor Wally's heading into the doctor tomorrow morning if I make it outta bed... As you know Dr. Watts doesn't help much. Once he's settled it's a definate clean because of a certain person's standards n possiby eye spy after that... He's a stubborn bastard to win over for a road trip. You may have to sort him out... All the blogs I please........?? 3 a day..? for the use of my foot room.... :-P three blogs a day will be adequate young lady. Nah we can buy a 'fatty' seat. They must be invented by now for the Yanks, can share one of those. Better than foot room. Keep me updated for this weekends scheme? May cross paths.

Hope your sleep lasts the night 


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